LRPS Panel

Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society

The route I took towards achieving my LRPS distinction was an unusual one to most. Normally a lot of thought, attending an advisory day, test prints, panel layout a load of deliberation and fine tuning is done over several months. Mine was rushed in 2 weeks!

It was a couple of weeks before Focus on Imaging at the NEC in Birmingham when we received an email, ‘slots available for LRPS assessment during the show’ was the general gist of it. A quick discussion with Mrs E saw a cheque in the post and panic to ensue, we were both going for it!

My quick interpretation of the requirements was ‘show you’re a Jack of all trades and understand the technicalities of your camera, etc.’ . Whilst not the best advice to give, with limited time and no advisory day in sight it’s what I ran with. This was before we invested in a fine art printer for the gallery, so whilst mounting would be no problem (plenty of mount board always in stock!), printing needed to be done quickly.

A checklist was typed out, images taken from my library, reprocessing done and files sent quickly to an online lab. The panel ended up with the following images:-



The Moon

A seascape

Abstract & depth of field

Abstract & architecture



Camera Movement

Silhouette and Natural History

Mounting of 2 panels was done in a couple of evenings in the gallery, hanging plans printed and boxed ready for Birmingham.

The day of the assessment came round, so off to Focus on Imaging we went, both of us excited and nervous at the same time. On arriving at the NEC, we dropped off our print boxes and went and enjoyed the show for a short while before taking our seats in one of the meeting rooms. Most of the panels were going through so hopes were high and when mine came up, the good news was that it passed! Not everything went our way though as Mrs E’s panel was declined.

So a good day out with mixed emotions and my first distinction in the bag, with a promise made to myself not to rush the next one!